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Photography Workshops


These workshops are mainly hands-on workshops, with some brief theory for consideration and context where needed. I don't hold back any information. All workshops are limited to 7 delegates only and the fees starting from £75

If you have disability needs please check with Gary, I do try and make them inclusive and suitable as possible.

All delegates are welcome to contact me between/after the workshop via Skype, phone or email if they wish for further advice. (Accommodation, food, drinks and travel are not included in the price)

Coming September 2017


Street Photography Workshops £150

The aim is to build confidence and inspiration so you can go out on the streets and shoot the way you want

The day runs from about 10:30 am to 5:30 pm depending on light and conditions stopping for an hour for lunch in a cafe, for more chats and discussions

Some of the topics I cover:

    •    How to shoot candidly & non-candidly and a quick look at the ethics involved

    •    How to covet the camera for security in crowds

    •    Dealing with fear and gain confidence in street photography

    •    Understanding your camera and quick changes to changing situations

    •    Exposure, manual exposure, and metering

    •    Understanding scale focusing (and zone focusing) hyperlocal focusing, infinity focusing

    •    Blending in and spotting your subject

    •    Use of flash in street photography (optional)

    •    Awareness and how to stay safe in public places with your camera

Practical hands-on workshop with nothing held back

More information and to book Click Here


Documentary Photography (both parts £350)


Documentary Workshop (1st of 2) £175

The aim is to give inspiration and confidence for you to go and do your own projects. 

The day runs from 10am to 5pm depending on light and location, stopping for an hour at lunch for more discussion and a chat in a cafe.

We will meet at the end of the day for a coffee (or pint) for a chat and debrief and some group critique 

    •    What is documentary photography/social documentary photography exactly?

    •    Ethics discussion - Candid and non-candid, staged or mock documentary, the law (UK) and the photographer's presence.

    •    Gear discussion, bags, cameras, lenses - zooms and primes, specialist lenses, flash and clothing, safety gear.

    •    Projects and planning/research

    •    Risk assessment, yourself and subjects, model releases, phone security

    •     Access, access, and access

    •    How to covet the camera and shoot discreetly - no finder shooting, shooting from the hip, slight of hand and gaffs

    •    Punctum and the 10 frames

    •    Composition

    •    Exposure ISA/IAS manual mode and Auto ISO woes

    •    Street Photography - for quick response time and awareness of the mood and light.



Documentary Workshop (2nd of 2) £175

The second follow-on session is held approx month later which gives you a chance to have tried the techniques on your own (you can do the second session later if you wish) and starts with a recap and a chance for any questions and fix any unresolved issues/

The day runs from 10 am to 5 pm depending on light and location stopping for an hour for lunch for more discussions over a bite to eat in a cafe

We will meet for a coffee to end the day in a bar of the coffee shop for debriefing and critique. Students have the offer to contact Gary to follow up with further questions and ask advice via email, phone or Skype sessions

    •    Items you should have on you - Phone and charger, spare batteries, memory cards, backup strategy 

    •    Finding your style

    •    Making a body of work and camera strategy

    •    Landscape and the importance of scene setting and how it connects with your project, filters, and supports.

    •    Posed portraits and environmental portraits

    •    Lighting portraits with a small flash - hard light, dramatic, noir, bounce, fill flash, and negative flash indoors - all very quick and flexible methods

    •    Funding discussion for long-term projects

    •    Getting work seen and publishing

    •    Low light tips

    •    Furthering your work, importance of captions, notes, audio, video and presentation and other resources

    •    Moving forwards




Documentary workshop
SmartPhone photography Workshops


Are you looking to improve your photography skills?

Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced photographer, Gary provides tuition to small groups or on a one to one basis where the training can be tailored to individual needs. 

Gary can offer you expert tuition and advice in an informal and friendly way, helping you to develop your skills and technique to produce pictures you’ll be proud of. 

Prices start from £135 for a weekday or can be run over several evenings in Derby

Gary can also provide training on workflow and post-processing techniques including Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. To book a session or for more information contact Gary on 07734 254022 or via the contact page




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