Street Photography Workshops

Street Photography Workshops £150

The aim is to build confidence and inspiration so you can go out on the streets and shoot the way you want

The day runs from about 10:30 am to 5:30 pm depending on light and conditions stopping for an hour for lunch in a cafe, for more chats and discussions

Some of the topics I cover:

    •    How to shoot candidly & non-candidly and a quick look at the ethics involved

    •    How to covet the camera for security in crowds

    •    Dealing with fear and gain confidence in street photography

    •    Understanding your camera and quick changes to changing situations

    •    Exposure, manual exposure, and metering

    •    understanding scale focusing (and zone focusing) hyperlocal focusing, infinity focusing

    •    blending in and spotting your subject

    •    Use of flash in street photography (optional)

    •    Awareness and how to stay safe in public places with your camera

Practical hands-on workshop with nothing held back


These workshops are hands-on workshops, with some brief theory for consideration and context where needed. I don't hold back any information.

All workshops are limited to 7 delegates per workshop only and the fees are on offer from £75 with Early Bird bookings and Cancelation offers to make them affordable for those on a budget.

I strongly suggest signing up for the newsletter to get details on early bird offers and last minute places deals.

If you have disability needs please check with Gary, I do try and make them inclusive and suitable as possible.

All delegates are welcome to contact me between/after the workshop via Skype, phone or email if they wish for further advice. (Accommodation, food, drinks and travel are not included in the price)

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Street Photography Workshops in Derby, Nottingham, Birmingham, Leicester, Sheffield, Manchester

Street Photography Workshops start in September 2017



Street Photography Workshops in Birmingham, West Midlands
Street Photography Workshop in Derby, East Midlands


Affordable Street Photography Workshop Locations

Street Photography Workshops in East Midlands - Derby, Nottingham, Leicester

Street Photography Workshops the West  Midlands - Birmingham, Dudley

Street Photograohy Workshops Midlands - Manchester, Shefield