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Professional Photography Services

We offer several packages, as well as à la carte services, prints, and products.
We're currently updating our list of services and prices. In the meantime, please contact us for pricing and service inquiries.

Please get in touch to discuss commissioned photography, without obligation.  I am here to help!

Fine Art Commissions 

Art photography: "Photography that is done as a fine art -- which is, done to express the artist's perceptions and emotions and to share them with others”

You have walls and you have a story: unique, commissioned images by Gary Austin Photography

If you would like to reflect your local area, your own interests or something particular you have in mind, you can commission me to make images (in my signature style) of your business, your staff or products. Let me create photography exclusively for your business.

You will have all the reassurance of my meticulous approach from image capture to digital images for use in brochure or advertising, as well as exhibition prints, framed photographs or wall art produced to the highest quality. We can speak online or in person to discuss what you are looking for, or solve visual concept problems. I can provide advice on sizes, themes, display, concepts and colours and more. Contact me all without obligation.


Street Photography Commissions

One of Gary’s specialties is street photography, which makes for a powerful way of producing photographs of realism in an honest and engaging way. His style allows an organization to connect with its staff, supporters or customers on a personal level that captures the pride and values of the subjects, in addition to boosting satisfaction and confidence in its customers.
Street photography is not normally commissioned for advertising or for commercial use due to its random nature, but it is being used more and more by advertisers and companies as it is a popular art form about reality. It has been used as art décor for eating establishments, construction works on train stations, café’s, city-wide cultural studies, brand awareness campaigns, corporate businesses and by advertising companies. In addition, it is easy to link into social media campaigns and events to enhance the branding further.
Although street photography in its purist form makes for some what random encounters, a loose brief with the mood, aesthetic, or description of what you are wanting to say can bring surprisingly good results. Model releases can be obtained by an assistant or two who follows myself as I make the photographs and negotiates with the subject/s for signing the release.
An alternative is to carefully stage the scene, using pre-hired or encountered talent from the street for a more controlled result, but to look convincing needs the detailed eye and well-practiced skills of a street photographer to be successful.

Editorial and Documentary Photography Commission

You can also hire me for editorial commissions in the following areas:

    •    Issue-led photojournalism and reportage photography

    •    Humanitarian investigative photojournalism

    •    Humanitarian photographer for NGO's and Charities

    •    Hazardous Environments Photographer

    •    Environmental Photographer

    •    Reportage for social media campaigns

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The Basics...

For your convenience all your photos will be available to view and order through the secure password-protected pages, enabling you to select your favorite pictures from the comfort of your own office or home.

We offer complete "all inclusive" packages, as well as a range of quality prints and products available for individual purchase.

All photos can be licensed for commercial, publishing or personal use, making them suitable for home, business, websites, as well as publication purposes depending on your needs.

Please contact us with any questions.  We look forward to hearing from you!