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Gary's micro adventure gear for photography, a simple set up with multiple practical uses:

When I was putting my gear together I worked out the parameters that I needed to work with; the environmental terrain I like was very mixed from high moorland, lowland countryside, mountains, woodlands in all weathers and seasons. 

I also wanted a small pack so that it would fit on my lap on a crowded train, bus or car, that also makes (it easier to hide in the woods if I want to nip to the shops or pub) Some expansion was also needed to cope with extra days, colder weather options and so on.

One of the most important aspects of the size was it should not look like it would not be possible to hold any camping gear, an important point when stealth camping is needed or if you are in a grey area when it comes to wild camping!

I use this gear even if bivvying in winter, but I know how to stay warm with the gear I have, its limits, my limits and what to do in an emergency. The exeption is winter mountains, with Ice axes, crampons, snow shoes, ropes, the same gear with the aformentioned gear then works as a day pack and will keep me safe if overnighted.  


Affiliate Links

Some of these links are affiliate and I will get a little bit of commision, this dosent efect the price you pay.

I have also linked to the manufacturers webite at the end of the description for you to do further research and as always shop around and consider buying used gear to save the planet and your pocket! 

  1. Hill People Gear Tarahumara Pack (UK Stockist) - This 16-Litre bag is minimalist, light in weight with little fuss, the centre zip makes for easy packing and access compared to a top-loading pack. However the shoulder straps are the important part of this pack wide to carry weight and not over padded (most manufacturers get this the wrong way round and use too much padding that causes pressure points when it is compressed, its wider straps that are needed) Website Hill People Gear 

  2. Snugpak Jungle Blanket - A simple lightweight, blanket with a high windproof resistance and a DWR coating on the outside, Antibacterial on the inside (helps stop it getting wiffy) packs down to 6 inch by 6 inch compressed.  I simply wrap this around and use as a sleeping bag, but has room in it for the dog on a cold night. It also acts as my warm layer and can be worn under the Jerven bag/Poncho. Website Snugpak 

  3. Klymit Inertia X Lite Sleep Mat -  A three quarter-length sleeping mat with holes in it! Packs up to the size of a banana and inflates with two breaths

  4. GSI Halulite Minimalist Cook Kit and Stove - A solo mission cook kit and no more, consists of a 600ml pot, coffee cup lid, cosy, spork, pot grab, windshield, gas burner, Just need to add a 110-gram gas canister that will fit inside the pot with a piece of scouring pad. I put the complete kit into an Exped XS Dry bag that acts as a food bag, brew kit, kitchen sink, table cloth, water carrying bag and so on... I also keep a sachet of Burn Gel in this pack as it is the most obviouse time to get burnt.  Website GSI Outdoors 

  5. Geigerrig Hydration Engine - 2-litre water bladder that can be pressurised by squeezing the bulb, well made flat wide filling (ideal for getting water from shallow streams or puddles) can be turned inside out and put in a dishwasher. It can also take inline filters which work with the presurised bladder for increased flow of water. For sale on Amazon at stupid prices. Can be imported into UK for around £50 after customs and import costs.  Aquimira filters offer a simple plug-in and go soloution but again have to be imported. Website Geigerrig/Aquamira

  6. Jerven Bag ( UK Stockist) - A piece of kit no landscape or outdoor photographer should be without. To name a few of Its multiple uses: Website Jerven AS

    • Poncho (waterproof coat)

    • Tarp 

    • Survival Bag

    • Bivvy Bag

    • Light Reflector

    • Wildlife Hide

    • Model changing Bag

    • Toilet Tent

    • Hammock

In addition I also carry the following, Head Torch & Spare Batteries, Lighter, Bandana, Buff neck warmer, Jungle Formula Bug repellent, Sunscreen, Lip Balm, 1" wide gaffa tape all packed in a pencil case. Spare Socks (dry pair for sleeping in) and a Tilley hat and in a trouser pocket a Swiss Army Knife, Phone and a Trayvax card wallet

Austere Medical - My first aid kit is the Buff & Bandana  (dressings, bandages)  Gaffa tape (plasters, securing bandages, mechanical injuries), lip balm (blisters, chaffing), tic tool and alchol wipes (carried if in woodland) for tic bites

Food - As I am one pot cooking food is mostly dehydrated, but poridge for breakfast, cheap 19p noodles (oh they have gone up a penny) for lunch and something like a dehydrated chilli con carnie.  Snacks between Scotish oat biscuits, Penut butter, Trail mix etc. Often on longer trips I carry Chilli flakes, salami, sald dressing (for foraged food) salt & pepper.

Opttional - A Dog



Photography Gear

To be honest, I hate photography gear. I mean, how many painters do you hear discussing the merits of a No.3 brush for landscapes, or if Windsor & Newton are better than Cotton Paints?  There is just so mauch bull out there. Use what you have and stop chasing the perfect camera or lens.

If you still are not happy then this is my list of gear but remember, its what I am happy with for what I do, so might not suit you. Oh and before you say I am a professional and need better quality yady yar... I have been a professional photographer for over thirty years, as I said I am happy with my gear and don't need convincing by some evangelical camera nut - go and take photos, I am more interested in seeing your pictures than knowing what camera you used, I would also have more respect for you!

  • Fujifilm X-Pro 2 bodies, I have two of them, one acting as as second body or spare body depending on what I am doing.
  • Fujifilm 16mm f 1.4 Lens
  • Fujifilm 35mm f2.0 Lens
  • Fujifilm 90mm f2.0 Lens

The above items are my standard go-to set up, with weather sealed bodies and lenses.  occasionaly I will take just one body and perhaps the 35mm lens. these will fit into a Newswear Waist Pack

Additional lenses I use:

  • Fujifilm 23mm f1.4 Lens
  • Fujifilm 56mm f 1.2 APO Lens (mostly for portraits, creative landscape uses with very shallow wide open max aperture)
  • Fujifilm 18-55mm f2.8-4 IOS (great little lens for a compact set up with X Pro2 body for most landscape adventures photographing climbers close up on pitches etc and the image stabalisation is good for doing video) KenRockwell Review
  • Fujifilm 100-400 f4.5-5.6 Lens (Weathersealed - ideal for detail, outdoor action such as sport, climbing, and wildlife) Generaly, I will swap this lens with the 90mm if the weight or size is not an issue for carrying

The standard set up with the additional lenses normaly travel in my Newswear Chest Vest that I can wear with a rucksack or the Hill People Gear's Terahumara for outdoor use