Street Photography by Gary Austin Photography


Artist Statement

Lighting from a small flash is a technique that I often use in my photography, as a way of highlighting the importance of the subject and separating them from distracting or less important details while giving depth to the image or showing texture and detail. 

The Renaissance masters lit their portraits with artificial light and painted in the effect of Chiaroscuro, (which means light-dark) a technique referring to the exaggeration of light and dark contrast.

Joseph Wright of Derby was such a painter using this effect while depicting the age of enlightenment and an international artist whose work I admire.  He was the first professional painter to record and express the industrial revolution and the people behind them, paintings that are not just art but show the important history of that time.

Joseph Wright also painted a scene called the “Blacksmiths Yard” set in a ruined church which used to in the village I live in, this was one reason that prompted me to start my documentary project in the village, that, and my family history connected to it.


Gary Austin is an award-winning street & documentary photographer based in a small village in Derbyshire UK. With a varied career over 27 years working as a freelance photographer which has ranged from photojournalism to commissioned work and personal fine art projects.