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UK Humanitarian Photographer and Documentary Photographer

Gary Austin provides professional humanitarian photojournalism editorial photography and documentary photography services in the UK and globally.  

With 27 years of experience and with a distinctive, personal journalistic and documentary style he produces photographs full of drama, spontaneity and natural raw emotion

Today, there are many risks for photojournalists from data theft and protecting sources as well as client information, physical assault, conflict, kidnapping and in rare cases assassination.

I remain on top of the current issues as much as possible and keep up on relevant skills, methods and seek relevant training when it is needed!

Gary accepts commissions for humanitarian editorial photography and documentary photography projects that uses his unique style and point of view on topics of environment, food, culture, traditions and social issues that affect the human condition

The work of a photojournalist can often have unexpected challenges. Although I don't go out to confront police and try to avoid situations which cause a delay in coverage while I am working for you.



Hire Me for services in the following areas:

Issue-led Documentary Photographer and Photojournalist

I generate my own story features on topical issues or assignments based on the needs of NGO’s non-profits and charities

Humanitarian Investigative Photojournalism

Or “Journalism of Attachment” for when being neutral or an aloof observer just won’t do! When a side has to be taken to show the people caught up in the story by living it with them, first hand. Not to just point out the problems, but to present solutions to the problems and highlighting the emotions and ordeals of the people who are – against all odds, still persevering to survive or make a difference.

Humanitarian Photographer for NGO’s and Charities

Requiring photojournalism, reportage or documentary photography for editorial and advertising campaigns on issues of human rights, environment and social issues or needing detailed studies, documentary evidence or reportage on behalf of people and cultures not represented in society or by the media who need a voice.

Environmental Photographer

For campaign groups and NGO’s who need survey photography, reportage, public relations photography and images for websites and publicity.

Social Media Reportage

The explosion in social networking sites over the past decade has transformed the way we communicate. To this end, I have included equipment and workflow strategies to enable this for humanitarian and environmental campaigns which can be integrated into existing social media strategies used by an NGO or charity. I also run workshops on mobile journalism using smartphones for humanitarian and environmental organisations needing still images, audio, video or written text pieces or mixed media.

Hazardous Environment Photographer

I have and will work in hazardous environments (HE) if covering humanitarian or environmental issues whether the cause is natural disaster or conflict. I don’t do war photography or the traditional ambulance chasing body-bag photojournalism as it doesn’t help show the cause or solution to the problem, neither does it help find peaceful solutions to conflict.

Reportage Photographer, Photojournalist, Editorial and News Photographer

For the national media and magazines that require humanitarian or environmental photography and travels internationally as required.